About Ken Press

Ken Press is a small publishing company specializing in the publication of astronomy books and star charts for beginners. Established in 1988, Ken Press was one of the first businesses that used computers for the complete process to create books and other artwork.

Can I send my astronomy manuscrpt to Ken Press?
Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts to Ken Press. We are not a publishing company at large. Most of the books/charts that we publish are our own. However, we will be willing to talk with you about the publishing process. Our number is 520-743-3200 (must leave a message) or email at We will return calls and emails.

Who or What is Ken?
One question that we often get is, “Who is Ken?” The word Ken means to “see” or “view.” So, Ken, coupled with the eye logo, signifies products that are used to see or view something. Although this definintion of Ken is from an older Irish use of the word, it was specifically chosen for its subtlety and difference, distinguishing Ken from other publishers. Now, the owner of Ken Press is Ken Graun and his first name might have heavily influenced his decision to use Ken in the company’s name.


Contacting Ken Press

Ken Graun at Ken Press can be reached at:

Phone: (520) 743-3200. Please leave a message if you get the answering machine–the phone is heavily filtered for spam calls. I DO call back but it may not be immediately (teach part-time at a community college). You can text me at this number, too, or email me at


Mailing Address:

Ken Press
14333 E. Sands Ranch Rd.
Vail, AZ 85641 (Vail is just east of Tucson)


Ken Graun
Owner, Ken Press

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Phone: (520) 743-3200 • Fax: (520) 743-3210 • Email:

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