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FREE Children’s Book

Here is the deal. I probably have 400 or so copies of this hardcover book. They sell extremely slow, so I would like to give them away to private individuals, like for birthday parties, or groups, like a school classroom, or astronomical outreach. I will not send them to any individual or organization who wants to resell them!    

If you would like copies, you do have to pay for shipping and I recommend USPS Media Mail for the least expensive method. If you order (need a credit card or PayPal for shipping costs), I will need one week to ship, and Media Mail can take up to 2 weeks depending on the time of year, so please plan ahead.    

The book is hardcover with a dust jacket and retailed for $15.95.    

Order. The best way to contact me (Ken Graun) is by email at ken@kenpress.com or a text message to (520) 743-3200. Both of these messages come through my computer. I infrequently check my cell phone for messages.