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Cross Comparison 
Major Roman & Greek Gods

This is a list of some common Roman and Greek names of gods associated with celestial matters. Note that, except for Uranus, all of the Planets (colored reddish) are Roman names.

Roman name / Greek name  Meaning/Influence

Apollo / Apollo  God of Light 
Aurora / Eos  Goddess of Dawn 
Bacchus / Dionysus  God of Wine 
Ceres (Virgo) / Demeter  Goddess of Grain/Crops 
Cupid / Eros  God of Love 
Diana / Artimus  Goddess of Nature/Fertility/Birth 
Faunus / Pan  God of Woods and Pastures 
Juno / Hera  Queen of the Gods 
JUPITER / Zeus  King of Gods 
Luna / Selene  Goddess of the Moon 
MARS / Ares  God of War 
MERCURY / Hermes  Messenger of the Gods 
Minerva / Athena  Goddess of Wisdom 
NEPTUNE / Poseidon  God of the Sea 
Parcae / Moirae (Fates)  Goddesses of Fate 
PLUTO /  Hades  God of the Underworld 
Proserpina  Persephone  Daughter of Demeter 
SATURN / Cronos  God of Agriculture 
Sol  Helios  God of the Sun 
Caelus / URANUS  God of the Sky 
VENUS /  Aphrodite  Goddess of Love/Beauty 
Vesper / Hesperos  God of the Evening Star 
Vesta / Hestia  Goddess of the Hearth 
Vulcan / Hephasstus   God of Fire/Craftsmanship

Mars or Ares